Roller Shutters Adelaide

Roller Shutters Adelaide

Roller Shutters Installed To Existing Home With Hopper Windows

Rolla Blinds can install new Roller Shutters to the exterior of homes and offices also known as  existing Roller Shutters. For new homes you can now have inbuilt Roller Shutters. The difference between the two is that the normal Roller Shutters have the box above the window. The inbuilt hides this from view. Subsequent installation of Roller Shutters always provides a considerable enhancement to your building. Some of the many other benefits include; sun protection, sound absorption, complete privacy and effective burglar protection.

More and more homeowners invest a larger portion of their income in home improvements and extensions. Increasing importance is being attached to window and doors security for added protection from weather and environmental influences, and increasingly, from burglary. Aluminium Roller Shutters from Rolla Blinds are an ideal solution for subsequent installation.

But is the subsequent installation of Roller Shutters really a viable proposition? Our answer is a clear “yes”. The outstanding feature of Rolla Blinds Roller Shutters is the exceptionally compact design so that they take up a minimum of space when rolled up. Consequently, installation requires very little space with insignificant loss of light. The externally mounted aluminium box, which houses the rolled up shutter, blends harmoniously with any building.

We will be happy to show you the different possibilities for subsequent installations of Rolla Blinds Roller Shutters. Double-walled roll-formed aluminium Roller Shutters have proved to be particularly effective. They are noted for their hard wearing properties for a long and   smooth operating life. They are particularly economical, colorfast and provide burglar protection.

Roller Shutter Installation Adelaide

Roller Shutter For A Balcony Door       Inside View

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